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Integrated Election Services

The company offers a wide range of consultancy, training, media, marketing and logistical support for electoral campaigns. It includes:

(1) Elections Consultancy

Supported by known experts in this field, we provide management consultation for electoral and advertising campaigns.

(2) Elections Training
  • Highly skilled instructors holding PhD degree
  • Important experience in the Iraqi and Gulf markets, the experience include Al Jazeera and important training centers in Saudi Arabia and UAE

(3) Logistical Support
  • Securing supplies related to electoral campaigns
  • Logistics management experts

(4) Media & Ad Production

Media production in the field of political propaganda and documentaries: short films, songs, documentaries, ad spots, panoramas, etc.
  • International standards
  • Presidential experience in Iraq
  • Regional experience at presidential & government levels

(5) Media Coverage
  • Media coverage for campaign activities
  • Photo shooting the president and all candidates
  • Presidential experience

(6) Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Digital & social media marketing strategies & plans
  • Advertising plans through convenient social networks
  • Accounts management’s supervision: performance monitoring & boosting
  • Digital advertising including Banner and Text Ad
  • Presidential campaign experience during iraq electoral campaigns

(7) Graphic Design & Animation
  • Visual Identity
  • Highly skilled designers
  • 2D & 3D Animation, Cartoons
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