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Based on extensive assessment of government departments, the company shall provide an integrated solution that automate all operations including information publishing, submitting applications, following up work procedures and providing electronic payment and data encryption. Some applications include:

  • Government services’ directory
  • Websites
  • Government services portals and reporting systems
  • Complaint and follow-up systems
  • Archiving systems
  • Electronic payment gateways
  • Encryption solutions

Enterprise Resources Planning

ERP provides an integrated and continuous real-time view of core business processes using the common databases maintained by the DBMS.

ERP systems track business resources:

  • Cash, raw materials and production capacity
  • Status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders and payroll
  • Applications that make up the system share data across different departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.)

The ERP system facilitates the flow of information across all business functions and management of communications to external stakeholders

Based on extensive assessment, the company shall provide customized ERP related solution depending on client needs.

Mobile Applications

The company has a qualified professional team in the development of smart phone applications.

The team adapts highest international standards, The team's experience include:

  • the development of a wide range of applications including content, commercial, maps, news, video, GPS, audio, social media, libraries, Augmented Reality, e-shopping, etc …
  • high standards of design and visual identity
  • IOS and Android UI/UX standards
  • IOS and Android development environment
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