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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

For each System and Application, we assess the access management, the deployed OS/DB/WAN, the architecture, backup strategy and contractor responsibility, monitor and verify the compliance with the established policies, the users’ access to systems and applications. We will:
  • Assess all available logins and dictionary credentials
  • Identify the access weaknesses and potential exploits related to these weaknesses
  • Access vulnerabilities associated with outdated systems, hardware and software versions, and with disparate resources separated from the mainstream IT components
  • Conduct System compromise tests and data gathering
  • Identify configuration flaws, including insecure remote access configurations and others
  • Issue recommendations thorough lockdown procedure

Integrated SOC-NOC - Cyber Security Operations Center and Network Operations Center:

we offer, integrate and deploy a Military Grade SOC (Security Operations Center) Solution with a natively built-in NMS (Network Monitoring System) Hypervisor based on Open Source PRELUDE SIEM and VIGILO NMS, both approved by ANSSI.

(1) SOC with Built in NMS
  • Central IT Security & network operations center - Supervision of the entire IT Infrastructure
  • Real-Time monitoring and intervention
  • IT Security administration
  • Security incidents management
  • Intrusion detection & Intervention - forensics, backtracking & recovery

(2) NMS for SOC
  • Network/Infrastructure administration
  • Performance monitoring &reporting
  • Availability & redundancy supervision
  • Downtime prevention & events handling

Multi Purpose Cyber Training Platform:

This unique and advanced Cyberange enables the cyber capacity building of the organization, through diverse offensive and defensive simulations and cyber-exercises in replicated environments identical to the real ones, in order to improve global capabilities of the CSIRT experts, the IT administrators and more generally of any IT user within the organization.

Cyber Deception System:

Its distributed architecture as a complementary defensive layer to lure adversaries, allows unique collection of intelligence on threats and attackers.

Cyber Attack and Incident Simulator:

Enables the launch of attacks and incidents, to test and improve defenses, to evaluate incident response capabilities and to assess security configurations of any equipment or system.

Ethical Hacking & Red Team Lab System:

Collaborative environment to enable the training of pen-testers and the preparation and execution of standardized live pen-tests on operational systems, as well as generation of results reports and recommendations.

Massive Reconnaissance & Monitoring System:

Enables discovery and mapping of large scale national networks, web servers, etc…, and identification of assets connected to the various infrastructures, the evaluation of their vulnerabilities and the application of security fixes.

Cyber Training Center:

Cyber Training Center is used for continuous capacity building of your Cyber Workforce in the IT field, cyber security skills reshaping, anticipation of incidents and incidents management through:
  • A Cyber Training Center that is able to simulate complex hybrid environments
  • Internet-like Real Traffic in a controlled environment for performance & security testing
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