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Founded in 2006 by a team of entrepreneurs with an extraordinary flawless vision of the future of communication technology, e-Government and digital services, Telco-Zone is a master in developing and providing professional cyber security solutions, telecom, digital solutions and media services primarily to cater the ever-changing needs of government agencies and large enterprises.


Guided by its thirst for integrity, innovation, and advancement, Telco-Zone will constantly strive to develop, implement, and deliver beyond excellence in every service it provides

Gathering a unique blend of intelligent and dedicated professionals, the Telco-Zone team is highly knowledgeable, reliable and committed to providing the best products and services to the company’s partners and clients.

Telco-Zone team is comprised of qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds in the areas of cyber security, telecom, IT, as well as media production and marketing. Our team has an in-depth experience and practical know-how acquired through working on large and complex projects in the Arab and MENA region.

Dedicated to providing and carrying out the most effective cyber security, telecom, IT, media and training services, Telco-Zone constantly focuses on keeping its team updated and informed about the newest trends, breakthroughs and technologies by participating in field-related international events and joining training sessions.
Telco-Zone is committed to being a leader in the cyber security and digital world. Telco-Zone believes that building a strong network of partners is a key to reaching this goal.

Since its establishment, Telco-Zone succeeded in building strategic business partnerships with key players in the market who have confidence in the advanced services and the relentless support that Telco-zone provides and delivers to its clients.

Our partners includes service providers, government agencies & public authorities, telecom operators, and aggregators in the Arab world and MENA region.
In the dynamic telecom and digital field, every client is unique and every solution is different. With our long lasting thirst for being a first-class solution provider, we at Telco-Zone constantly capitalize on our experience and technology, and we consider them our competitive advantage and the backbone of what we provide.

Since our foundation we have focused on providing outstanding customer service and support. In the last couple of years, we have successfully reached major milestones due to our:

  • Proven Experience
  • Superior Customer Service & Support
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